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Most MBA consultants charge for the kind of MBA consulting we're giving away free—right here in Singapore.

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Join the MBA Link professionals to learn how to manage both sides of your MBA process—the GMAT and your application—all in just 2 hours.

Part 1: Hack the GMAT

Notoriously frustrating, the GMAT can present challenges to even the best test-takers — and prove an absolute nightmare for those who struggle with testing. Gaining a solid knowledge of what the GMAT involves, unveiling its mysteries and learning precisely how to overcome its intricacies are the vital first steps to earning your MBA.

In Part 1 of this information-packed event, you will:

  • Get the inside scoop on what admissions commitees really look for in a GMAT score
  • Know which concepts are covered on the GMAT and how to prep for each one
  • Understand the most proven ways to learn the concepts & strategies to ace the GMAT

Part 2: Get Into a Top B-School

A great GMAT score is one thing, but you'll need more to get great MBA. So, how do massively increase your chances of going to one of the very best B-schools?

Putting together a powerful application is both an art and a science. Find out who's evaluating you, how they think, and what we need to demonstrate to get admitted.

After the second hour of this information-packed event, you will:

  • Identify the essential first step to MBA successbefore you start a single application
  • Unlock the 4-step formula every b-school uses to to evaluate candidates—get the jump on your competition
  • Discover the 1 thing that doubles your chances of getting into your dream MBA program

"You can’t have a conversation with a consultant from MBA Link and not feel his or her passion for helping people get into the school of their dreams. I started out hoping I had a chance of being accepted into a good school, and by the second session, I already knew that it would definitely happen." Monique - Harvard Business School

The Speakers

Jacob Shin, Managing Partner of MBA Link, is one of the founding instructors at Manhattan Prep. Jacob has an MBA from Columbia Business School and expert knowledge of what it takes to ensure GMAT success.

Lawrence Linker, Managing Partner of MBA Link, has helped young professionals get into every top b-school, and he was also a career advisor at INSEAD. Lawrence has an MBA from Cornell Johnson School of Management and knows how to get the right schools to say yes.

Tue Jul 11, 2017
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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1 George Street Singapore
One George Street, Suite 10-01 (Enter at Lobby B, The Great Room Offices)
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